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Grief and Loss

As a health care provider, you are bound to encounter grief and grieving individuals on a fairly regular basis. Grieving the loss of a loved one is always unique to the individual who is experiencing the loss. Hence, there is no correct way to deal with loss, and no set amount of time that an individual is expected to grieve. How a person grieves is dependent upon many factors, including how the person dies. Loss of a loved one through a sudden, unexpected death is often dealt with very differently than a long, drawn out dying process through cancer or AIDS. Other factors that can affect the grieving process include, coping skills, the nature of the relationship to the person who died, spiritual or religious beliefs, a personal support system, psychological and physical health, culture, and financial resources. Depending upon the situation, the grieving process for some, although intensely difficult, can provide a sense of personal growth, or even relief. Others may experience a significantly extended grieving period. By understanding the grieving process, and how to best interact with grieving individuals, you can make this process as positive as possible for individuals dealing with loss.
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Grief and Loss
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