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Behavioral Health Options for Older Adults $22.50
Licensed Nursing Home Administrators

Behavioral Health Options for Older Adults

The majority of older adults manage the transitions that frequently come with aging, such as physical declines and the increased loss of loved ones, without experiencing behavioral health disorders. In fact, research shows that older adults experience lower rates of disorders overall than do younger adults (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration [SAMHSA], 2013). However, when they do have problems, older adults are less likely to seek and receive services to treat them effectively. As a professional who works with seniors, yet is not likely involved in diagnosing, providing therapy, or prescribing medications for behavioral health disorders, you may question why you need to know about these topics. It is precisely the fact that older adults often do not seek help for behavioral concerns that puts you in the unique position of recognizing when a problem is present.
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Behavioral Health Options for Older Adults
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